We cannot let another person into our hearts or minds unless we empty ourselves. We can truly listen to him or truly hear her only out of emptiness.

— M.Scott Peck.


Therapy is an active mentoring process. It’s not an advice or quest and answer session. My goal is to teach you how to listen inside yourself, your thoughts, feelings and body sensations. Problem solving comes in many forms, but I rarely give advice. I believe you can find your own solutions by mastering important psychological tools


Within the first three sessions, it becomes clear to both me and my clients what the goal of treatment will be. I can make a best estimate of how long the course of therapy will take. I like to give clients homework in between sessions, to help keep the work at the surface and have them prepare for the next session.


I work with adults, children and families. The majority of my work is individual therapy and couple therapy. I often see couples for relationship therapy, sexual counseling, pre-marital counseling, and break up mediation. I also have a solid history of working with children and families. Several times a year, I offer brief group therapy workshops for people working on similar life challenges. For information on groups and workshops, go to my workshops page.


My office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 6PM. I do my best accommodate people with less flexible work schedules. A therapy session is traditionally one, 50-minute session per week. But, this frequency is sometimes difficult due to time and money constraints, so I am open to negotiating time and financial options.


I prefer to discuss my fee with people on the phone or in person. Please feel free to call and ask me. Sometimes insurance will pay a portion of the fee, however, I do not belong to any insurance networks.