Fear Management: How to Deal with Doom

So, how do you feel when you look at the news these days?

The doom button is around every corner.  Current events have never been a laugh riot, but lately fear and confusion seem non-stop.  No doubt you’ve been hearing these words more:  conspiracy, nuclear, threat, attack, destabilization. When you tune into the news, you are sure to get a dose of fear, uncertainty and a sense of impending disaster.

These words and their accompanying images activate neurochemistry.  As a result, our brains must continually adjust to counterbalance the stress of disturbing information. Brains get busy pumping out chemistry to keep us from panic, depression, or both.

I have noticed my therapy and coaching clients affected by global tension, lack of trust in institutions, and general feelings of imminent catastrophe. Parents are more scared for their children. Couples are stressing about finances.  LGBTQ folks are more hesitant to come out, get married, and have families.

This is the general counseling and coaching I give myself and people I care about: The peddlers of fear want you to feel off kilter. Do something each day that helps you feel you are in charge of your own life. Most important, make an action every day that restores and reinforces your sense of balance. Create something big or small to activate your faith in your freedom.   And be mindful to contain and curate your exposure to disturbing media.

Lastly, curb your attacks on yourself for not being perfect.  You don’t need bad news from inside your head, when there is so much bad news competing to get into your head.

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